All India IT Association has been working from last five years to provide a huge platform for Indians in IT & ITES Companies, Computer Institutes, Academies, IT Professionals, Software & Hardware Engineers and other people those are committed to work for IT sector, aiita is a non – profit organization formulated to provide a common platform for IT and ITES industries. It is a forum where companies and individuals engaged in IT business combine and share their knowledge and experiences. aiita closely interacts with the government agencies on policy matters concerning IT & ITES industry. aiita facilitates Research & Development in the field of IT through active participation of institutes, corporates, professionals, industries, entrepreneurs and students at national level.


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Accuride Techno Inn has tied up with Alma Ltd recently as development partner in the state of Maharashtra.

  Alma is a fast growing global IT education & training Services Company that offers a wide array of opportunities to the business partners and the students. Our Vision is to provide the highest quality Software & Hardware education & training services to the students. Along with that, Accuride will also work for the development of All India IT Association, its study center and appoint members.

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  Alma Kids is a new brand in franchise network sector of the country that promotes kids education with international and latest teaching methodologies. Alma Kids is supported and powered by Alma Limited as well as it is associated with Alma Foundation.

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